Power supply, type FP9000 P is an independent feeding device of combined type – back up battery and battery charger.

Its function is to ensure continuous power supply for devices in fire-alarming and fire-detecting installations and automation of the fire protection equipment.

The feeder complies with the provisions set in the European Standard EN 54-4.

FP9000 P consists of:

− feeding module ;

− two back up batteries; The back up batteries are not included in the content of the delivery.

− Connecting terminals and a fuser 220V

The power supply front panel provides indication for the following conditions:

− Duty Mode (green LED)

− Fault condition (yellow LED). The fault condition could be mains voltage failure 220V or interrupted fuse AC; fault or missing back up battery; interrupted fuse ACU; interrupted fuse User ;

– Low battery, back up battery or interrupted fuse ACU (yellow LED);

– mains voltage failure 220V AC or interrupted fuse AC (yellow LED);

– interrupted fuse User (yellow LED).

Upon fault condition the relay output is switched, too.

On the supply module the following terminals are located for connection to:

− the relay contacts for fault condition;

− voltage terminal 28V / 2.0A ;


− Input voltage:                                             – (187-253)V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

− Maximum current consumption                    – 56VА

− Output voltage                                           – (17-27.6)V DC

− Output current                                            – 2.0А

− Maximum output current                              – 3.5А for 15 minutes

− Middle charging current                               – 0.8А

− Overcharging protection                              – at voltage < 17V

− Output for fault condition                            – relay, potential free switching, 1А / 30V DC

− Maximum section of the connecting wires    – 2,5 mm2

− Back up battery – 2х12V / 5 Ah

− Degree of protection – IP 40

− Operational temperature range – minus 5ºС – plus 40ºС

− Relative humidity resistance – (92±3)% at 40ºС

− Dimensions – 305х250х100 mm

− Weight of the feeder – 1.0 kg

Панелът следва стандарти:

• EN 54-4:1997
• EN 54-4:1997/A1:2002
• EN 54-4:1997/A2:2006
• EN 54-4:1997AC:1999
• EN 50130-4:2011
• EN 55022:2006/А1:2007
• EN 60950-1:2006/А11:2009